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Guest Information

We invite guests to use our centers, whether with a member or as walk-in visitors to the center.

One- Day pass: $20

3-day trial pass: $25

7-day trial pass: $39.99
*If you join within three days of your pass expiring, the money will be used towards your enrollment fee.

Outdoor facilities (seasonal):
$20 guest fee always applies
Monday – Saturday
4 pm – 9 pm
4 pm- 6 pm

Guest Policies:

Guests living greater than 25 miles away from our facility must always pay a $20 guest fee.

Guests who are sponsored by a member may enjoy complimentary use of our facility once every 60 days.

All guests receiving complimentary use of the facility must take a tour with one of our sales associates.

Guests 17 years of age or under must be accompanied by a sponsoring member age 18 or older or another guest who is their parent/legal guardian and is 18 years of age or older. The sponsoring member (or adult guest) must remain on-site. Guests under 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Sponsoring Member Form

*This form must be completed if you are bringing a guest under the age of 18. Minor parents must provide consent that their child can use the facility.

4415 Innovation Way | Allentown, PA 18109

Phone: 610-443-2221

Fax: 610-443-2115

Comments and Suggestions

Phone: 610-443-2221

Fax: 610-443-2115

Comments and Suggestions


General Fitness

M-T 5AM-11PM; Fri 5AM-9PM; Sat; 6AM-9PM; Sun 7AM – 8PM

Sales Office Hours

Mon- Thurs 9AM-7PM;  Fri 9AM- 5PM ; Sat and Sun 9AM-4PM

Green Room Salon and Spa

Mon- Fri 9AM- 7PM; Sat and Sun 9AM-5PM
*Massages available after closing by appointment

Wellness Cafe 

M-TH  6:30AM-7:30PM; Fri 6:30AM-2:00PM ; Sat and Sun 8AM-2PM

Outdoor Pool M-F 10AM- 8PM; SAT 9AM-8PM; SUN 9AM-6PM 

Kids Club

 M-F 8AM-12PM, 4PM-8PM; Sat and Sun 8AM-2PM

Climbing Cove (Climbing cards available)

 M-F 4PM-7PM; Sat and Sun 10AM- 12PM

Family Hours (Junior Members)

Monday-Friday: 9:30AM- 10:30AM ; 4PM-5PM  Saturday/Sunday: 11AM – 12PM and 2PM-4PM
During family hours junior members under 12 years may use the Climbing Cove, Gymnasium, and Lane 1 of lap pool with adult member supervision.