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Cycling Schedule

Valley Wellness Center offers daily cycling classes, see our schedule below.

Valley Wellness Center Spin Studio Booking Rules

**Members will be able to reserve a spot online within 48 hours of start time
There are 29 bikes to reserve in the spin studio.
If you are not present at class start time your bike may be given away
You may only reserve a bike for yourself

To book on the website:
Find what class you want to reserve, create a login, reserve your bike!

First time riders:
Arrive early and let the instructor know that it is your first class and if you need any assistance setting up the bike. The instructor will register your heart rate strap if you choose to wear one.

A towel and two water bottles are recommended for this class!

Member included classes have a minimum requirement of 4 participants to hold a class

Bookings must be made at least 2 hours prior to the class start time

If you no show 3 or more times, you will be subject to our cancellation fee

Wait list feature: 

If a class is full, you may sign up for the waiting list 

If a member cancels  their spot, you will receive an email and be placed in the class

Contact us:

4415 Innovation Way | Allentown, PA 18109

Phone: 610-443-2221

Fax: 610-443-2115


General Fitness

M-T 5AM-11PM; Fri 5AM-9PM; Sat; 6AM-9PM; Sun 8AM – 7PM

Sales Office Hours

Mon- Thurs 9AM-7PM;  Fri 9AM- 5PM ; Sat and Sun 9AM-4PM

Green Room Salon and Spa

Mon, Tues, Fri 9AM- 7PM ; Weds, Thurs 9AM- 8PM ; Sat and Sun 9AM-5PM
*Massages available after closing by appointment

Wellness Cafe 

Mon- Thurs  6:30AM-7:00PM ; Fri 6:30AM – 2PM ; Sat 8AM- 2PM ; Sun 9AM – 2PM

Outdoor Pool M-F 10AM- 8PM; SAT 9AM-8PM; SUN 9AM-6PM 

Kids Club

M-Th 8AM-12PM, 4PM-8PM; Fri 8AM-12PM, 4PM-7PM; Sat and Sun 8AM-2PM

Climbing Cove (Climbing cards available)

 M-F 4PM-7PM; Sat and Sun 10AM- 12PM

Family Hours (Junior Members)

Monday-Friday: 9:30AM- 10:30AM ; 4PM-6PM  Saturday/Sunday: 11AM – 12PM and 2PM-4PM
During family hours junior members under 12 years may use the Climbing Cove(ages 5+ with valid climbing card), Gymnasium, Therapy Pool and Lane 1 of lap pool with adult member supervision.