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Kids and Family Programs at VWC

The Perfect Family Programs for You and Your Children.

Fun For Kids.

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Enrich your child’s life by enrolling them in one of our youth programs, which promote a healthy way of life. We offer a variety of youth programs designed to be fun while also promoting a healthy lifestyle. We also recognize that parents need a break to relax hence our popular pizza and movie night.

• Dance
• Tumbling
• Yoga
• Sports Basics
• Swimming Lessons
• Nutrition
• General Fitness
• Martial Arts
• Pizza & Movie Night

Minor Guest Consent Form

“This form must be completed if you are bringing a guest under the age of 18. Minor parents must provide consent that their child can use the facility.”

Martial Arts Program

Hapkido Classes

Hap Ki Do is a Korean Martial Art.  Hap Ki Do means the Way of Harmony and Coordination.  In Hap Ki Do the practitioner uses their opponent’s strength against them.  It is a mix of Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Aikido.  It utilizes kicks, throws and joint locks.

A typical Hap Ki Do class consists of warm ups and stretching.  This is followed by a period of break falls and rolls.  Learning how to fall properly is very beneficial and helps prevent injury.  Next is the practice of kicks.  The final part of class is usually used for partner practice.  You will usually learn hand techniques but there are also sword and short staff techniques.

Class Descriptions:

Little Warriors

5 to 8 years

35 to 40-minute class.  Focus on exercise and basic Martial Arts principles.  Simple techniques

Hapkido Warriors

9 to 13 years

45-minute class. Continued focus on conditioning and basic Martial Arts principles.  Stronger focus on more complicated techniques.


14 and up

60-minute class.  Continued focus on conditioning and basic Martial Arts principles.  Stronger focus on complicated techniques.  Addition of sword and short staff techniques.

Tai Chi Classes

Pai Lum Tai Chi is an internal Martial Art and moving meditation.  The exercise consists of flowing movements that strengthen the body and mind while improving balance and coordination.

Pai Lum is the system of Tai Chi.  Pai is the family name which translates to White and Lum is dragon.  The late Grand Master Daniel K. Pai was the founder of Pai Lum Kung Fu.  He was born in Hawaii.  He learned from his grandfather who was from China.

Tai Chi Exercise

Follow along with Tai Chi movements no memorization needed.  Low impact, ideal for seniors.

Beginner Tai Chi

Focus on the first Tai Chi form.  This class is more about learning basics of tai chi and goes into detail of the moves.

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General Fitness

M-T 5AM-11PM; Fri 5AM-9PM; Sat; 6AM-9PM; Sun 8AM – 7PM

Sales Office Hours

Mon- Thurs 9AM-7PM;  Fri 9AM- 5PM ; Sat and Sun 9AM-4PM

Green Room Salon and Spa

Mon, Tues, Fri 9AM- 7PM ; Weds, Thurs 9AM- 8PM ; Sat and Sun 9AM-5PM
*Massages available after closing by appointment

Wellness Cafe 

Mon- Thurs  6:30AM-7:00PM ; Fri 6:30AM – 2PM ; Sat 8AM- 2PM ; Sun 9AM – 2PM

Outdoor Pool M-F 10AM- 8PM; SAT 9AM-8PM; SUN 9AM-6PM 

Kids Club

 M-F 8AM-12PM, 4PM-8PM; Sat and Sun 8AM-2PM

Climbing Cove (Climbing cards available)

 M-F 4PM-7PM; Sat and Sun 10AM- 12PM

Family Hours (Junior Members)

Monday-Friday: 9:30AM- 10:30AM ; 4PM-5PM  Saturday/Sunday: 11AM – 12PM and 2PM-4PM
During family hours junior members under 12 years may use the Climbing Cove(ages 5+ with valid climbing card), Gymnasium, Therapy Pool and Lane 1 of lap pool with adult member supervision.