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Small Group Training(SGT) Classes

 Get an amazing intense workout in a small group setting.  Feeling as though you have a personal trainer helping you through the workout, this class provides great instruction along with a small group (Max 6 people) to help encourage each other to work as hard as you can! 

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Personalized Training, in a Team Environment

Adding variety to your workouts keeps your body challenged, your mind eager to grow, and your soul ready to have fun. This can be hard to plan on your own, so let us do it for you!

Consistently switching up the workout not only makes training more interesting, but it helps challenge your body in new ways to avoid hitting a plateau. Each trainer offers their own style of training and designs the workout for each of their sessions.

These sessions take place in our new training studio, which has been designed just for Small Group Training.

Here to work towards your goals, on any schedule

-Each session is one hour long
-Max of 6 people per session
-Dynamic warm up and cool down designed specifically for you
-One-on-one attention
-Personalized programming
-Expert coaches

  • 4 Sessions per Month – $50

  • Unlimited Sessions Monthly – $99

  • Single Drop In – $20

Contact us:

4415 Innovation Way | Allentown, PA 18109

Phone: 610-443-2221

Fax: 610-443-2115


General Fitness

M-T 5AM-11PM; Fri 5AM-9PM; Sat; 6AM-9PM; Sun 8AM – 7PM

Sales Office Hours

Mon- Thurs 9AM-7PM;  Fri 9AM- 5PM ; Sat and Sun 9AM-4PM

Green Room Salon and Spa

Mon, Tues, Fri 9AM- 7PM ; Weds, Thurs 9AM- 8PM ; Sat and Sun 9AM-5PM
*Massages available after closing by appointment

Wellness Cafe 

Mon- Thurs  6:30AM-7:00PM ; Fri 6:30AM – 2PM ; Sat 8AM- 2PM ; Sun 9AM – 2PM

Outdoor Pool M-F 10AM- 8PM; SAT 9AM-8PM; SUN 9AM-6PM 

Kids Club

M-Th 8AM-12PM, 4PM-8PM; Fri 8AM-12PM, 4PM-7PM; Sat and Sun 8AM-2PM

Climbing Cove (Climbing cards available)

 M-F 4PM-7PM; Sat and Sun 10AM- 12PM

Family Hours (Junior Members)

Monday-Friday: 9:30AM- 10:30AM ; 4PM-6PM  Saturday/Sunday: 11AM – 12PM and 2PM-4PM
During family hours junior members under 12 years may use the Climbing Cove(ages 5+ with valid climbing card), Gymnasium, Therapy Pool and Lane 1 of lap pool with adult member supervision.